"Amana Marble Show"

June 5th, 2010

     The 33rd Amana Marble show was, and as always, great fun for us as it is every year. We had many visitors in our room, old friends and new. Besides the great food at the Friday night banquet, we had an Iowa trivia contest and many guests won prizes for correct answers.

        Those who attended the banquet were treated to a presentation by Paul Baumann and Roger Matile. Their topic is "Carpet Bowls: Those Marvelous Un-Marbles." History, pattern description, rarity, and how to tell new vs. old will be covered. Paul is the author of "Collecting Antique Marbles," which is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year! Roger is the primary author of the carpet bowls section of that book and has done several articles on the subject for "Antique Week." 

        42 dealers representing 17 states had 42 tables for the show which began Saturday morning at 9:00am. Gary had counted over 160 walk-ins. The show was very successful for us, I was glad we set up a table, and we will again next year. 

Thanks go out to Gary and Judy Huxford for putting on another great show. Looking forward to next year. 

If it is at all possible, try to attend a marble show. Hopefully there should be a show in your area, if not make it a weekend getaway.  THERE IS NOTHING LIKE A MARBLE SHOW! For more information on upcoming shows, follow my hot link to "Marble News and Stuff".


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